Storm Hawks has inspired much fanfiction, or stories about the series written by fans, mostly on ( and deviantART ( Also a Storm Hawks Fan Fiction Wiki as well as a Fanon Wiki started up.

Fan Art & StoriesEdit

On DeviantArt, there are 10536 popular pieces of fan art, the most popular being the Chibi characters by user Knorke-chan.

On, there are 1682 stories and 29 crossovers.

Original CharactersEdit

Most fanfiction authors use OCs (original or author-made-up characters). The most popular types include love interests for Stork or the Dark Ace, children of the original Storm Hawks, a new member of the new Storm Hawks, or the Dark Ace's daughter.

RPG ForumsEdit

On, there are 2 popular forums: "Storm Hawks RPG" ('RPG") forum created by user Queen Datsuh and "OC Forum" ("OC") by user Misery J. Voldemort. did a clean up and eliminated dead topics, and posts, but before the clean -uo, "RPG" hand 40,000 posts and 21 topics "OC" currently has 80,093 posts and 200 topics.

"RPG" forum is the first ever Storm Hawks role-playing forum on and one of the first role-playing Storm Hawks forums of all time. It is known for having many rules, including one character per person and a limit on post numbers. You can play as either a canon character or original character.

"OC" forum is known for being out-of-control, having no rules (unlimited characters; unlimited amount of posts) and many crossovers including but not limited too Twilight, Transformers, NCIS, Harry Potter, and High School Musical, sparking the popularity of Storm Hawks crossovers. It is primarily for original characters. It is the #1 most popular Storm Hawks forum on

The two are perhaps most famous for their two Posting Wars, in which the winner was determined by gaining the most posts. The winner recieved the title of #1 most popular Storm Hawks forum on "RPG" had been the most popular for a year until it was challenged by "OC" in Posting War I. "RPG" won and kept its title until Posting War II, in which "OC" forum won and took the title. It still has the title to this day.

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