Gundstaff Family

A younger Gundstaff (top right) with his family

Gundstaff is a giant who possesses a vast amount of crystals. He lives alone on his unnamed terra, conducting various experiments on crystals in his laboratory.

Episodes AppearancesEdit

First seen in episode 31, Life with Lugey, Gundstaff's crystal vault is raided by the Storm Hawks who are looking for a combination of crystals which will separate Leugey and Stork. Gundstaff is seen napping when the Storm Hawks enter, however due to Leugey's loud voice, he quickly wakes up and begins defending his laboratory.

In the episode Five Days, Cyclonis goes to Gundstaff looking for a Nil Crystal to repair another crystal Snipe accidentally broke. However, the Storm Hawks have already 'borrowed' the Nil Crystal, with the intent on returning it once they are done healing Aerrow with it.

During the above two episodes, Gundstaff appears to be on good terms with Cyclonis, greeting her without the open hostility he does with the Storm Hawks or the Raptors. However in the episode Payback, it is revealed that Gundstaff only works with the Cyclonians because they took his family from him, implying that he's being blackmailed to research crystals in return for his wife and son's safety. He aids Piper when she is attacked by Cyclonian Talons, and gives her several useful crystals including a Cloaking Crystal, as seen in Episode 50: The Key.

Fighting AbilityEdit

Due to his massive size, Gundstaff is able to smash his opponents with his hands much like a human would swat a fly. He also wields an energy mace, similar to Snipe's except much larger and with wing-like attachments to the side.


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