Biographical Information
RideSkimmer Classic
SquadronRex Guardians
Terra/ShipTerra Rex
PositionSky Knight
WeaponEnergy Blade

20px-Cquote1.png Those who fight with honor will always prevail![1] 20px-Cquote2.png

Harrier is the sky knight leader of the Rex Guardians, who defend Terra Rex and is the oldest squadron in existence[2]. He is traditional and takes the Sky Knight Code seriously. He is quite stuck up and extremely old fashioned - joining with Terra Rex, which is also old fashioned, quite well - and his attitude brings along hostility with members of the Storm Hawks. His age is unknown, but it is easy to assume he is in his late twenties or thirties. He's also seen in the battle in which Lightning Strike was defeated.

Appearance Edit

He initially confiscated a Phoenix Crystal from the Storm Hawks, and then engaged them in a contest for it. Later, Harrier hands the crystal over to the Dark Ace, whom he apparently made a deal with. The Dark Ace then turns on Harrier, attacking him and the Terra. The Storm Hawks intervene and the Dark Ace uses the Phoenix Crystal, unknowingly summoning the bird that defends it. He is then forced to flee, finally abandoning the crystal to save himself. Finally, Harrier apologizes to the Storm Hawks for his actions and agrees to some training tips from Aerrow.

Harrier also appears in episode 28, "Atmos' Most Wanted." He and his squadron confront the Storm Hawks about their stolen sky ride, and then appear later on in the episode to help corner the Storm Hawks on Terra Atmosia. In this episode also, Harrier is catapulted - along with other members of the Rex Guardians - out of the Condor by Stork's invention.


Storm Hawks Edit

Harrier initially looks down on the Storm Hawks, disregarding them as children and refusing to return the crystal, so Aerrow challenges him to a duel between their squadrons. However, after being defeated by the Dark Ace and having his life saved as the Storm Hawks subsequently repel the Dark Ace on their behalf, Harrier agrees to take some pointers from the Storm Hawks.

Dark Ace Edit

After winning the challenge in Episode 4, Harrier hands the Phoenix Crystal over to the Dark Ace in an attempt to placate Cyclonia. Obviously unfamiliar with the dishonorable tactics of villains, he is surprised when the Dark Ace attacks anyway. Harrier realzes that the rules of the code don't apply to the Cyclonians who will do anything to get what they want. Still convinced that his squadron is superior, Harrier insists that they'll fight the Dark Ace on their own, in order to show the Storm Hawks 'how real Sky Knights do battle'. Finn happily predicts that they'll be "smacked down so hard," which the Dark Ace proves correct by quickly taking down the entire squadron with relative ease, even going as far to sever Harrier's parachute in the process. He is also seen as one of the Sky Knights wiped out by the Dark Ace as he uses the Aurora Stone.

Gallery Edit


  1. The Code
  2. "The very first sky knight was a Rex Guardian..." - Piper from Episode 4: The Code

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