Humans are the dominant inhabitants of Atmos, and their race seems the most widespread of all, spreading throughout the entire Atmos and inhabiting thousands of terra.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Humans in Atmos resemble Humans in real life; they have two hands, two feet, 10 fingers (including thumbs) and 10 toes, and seem to age similarly to the humans of Earth. Their hair colors range from natural colors like yellow, black, brown and red to unnatural and usual colors (although they are natural hair colors in Atmos,) like green, blue and purple, as do their eyes. Hairstyles also seem to mimic Anime styles, mostly being spiked up and held upwards as if almost defying gravity. Skin tones vary, which indicates different races of humans (Another obvious reference to the similarity between Atmosian humans and Earthling humans).


Humans seem to each have their own unique personalities, probably due to the fact that they do not inhabit one single terra. Most personalities exhibited are stereotypes and clichés that exist in real life.


Whilst humans all speak in English (some with stereotypical foreign accents), it is clear this is not what they call the language. Their written language is a series of lines combined, much like some Asian written languages, albeit more rough and scribbled (although this might be because the majority of written Human language is seen in aged books and damaged posters).

Notable humansEdit