I.J. Domiwick
Biographical Information
PositionExplorer, Treasure Hunter
WeaponCrystal powered machete
StatusOn the other side of the Atmos

I.J. Domiwick is, of all the explorers in Atmos, the most famous. He dresses in a way that most resembles Indiana Jones. He is not so much an explorer as a treasure hunter. He cares less about discoveries and more about the fame he will receive from discovering what ever it is he discovers. With dozens of best-selling books to his name, I.J. Domiwick is known throughout the Atmos for his daring adventures and amazing discoveries in ancient ruins. He's been described as smart, brave, adventurous, scientific, handsome, charming, and successful; Aerrow sarcastically adds "humble" to the list after Domiwick rattles off the others. He is quite self-absorbed. In combat, Domiwick wields a crystal-powered machete.

In "The Forbidden City", the Storm Hawks pay a visit to Domiwick's latest excavation on Terra Xoam, home to the mysterious Forbidden City and the legendary Oracle Crystal. However, they soon learn that Domiwick's expedition is being funded by the Cyclonians, with Snipe on hand to follow Domiwick's digging instructions. Eventually, Domiwick and the Cyclonians tunnel their way into the city, but as soon as they're inside, Snipe abandons Domiwick, intending to claim the crystal for Master Cyclonis. After making his way through the city's many death traps, Domiwick and Piper duel outside the crystal chamber. Robbed of his prize when Aerrow frees the spirit of the Oracle, Domiwick is last seen being denied a ride out of the collapsing temple on Snipe's Heli-Blade.

Domiwick reappears in "Dark Waters", where he blows open a tunnel that not only releases unknown monsters, but reveals a cavern filled with endless tunnels that lead throughout the Atmos, including the far side. Domiwick is captured by the Storm Hawks, but manages to escape. Just before the Storm Hawks reseal the cavern, Domiwick swims through to the caverns being sealed inside. It is suggested that he reached the far side of Atmos, as the final scene shows him surfacing on an unknown beach, blinded by a bright light.



  • Domiwick is voiced by Mark Oliver.
  • The I.J. initials of his name is probably based off Indiana Jones.
  • He is one of the few people to make it to the far side of Atmos.
  • He is shown to have somewhat of a rivalry with Piper.