Leech Crystal
Crystal Information
PurposeAbsorb Energy

Highly unstable and dangerous, Leech Crystals, also known as Leechers, will suck the power out of any other crystal within its range. If allowed to hit full capacity a Leecher will glow with a brilliant white light before violently exploding.


The Leechers are similar to soccerballs in the way that the flat surfaces of the crystal are all pentagons and hexagons. It is deep purple until it blows up.

Featured EpisodesEdit

  • Storm Warning: The Storm Hawks obtained a batch of Leech Crystals from a passing squadron of Talons under Ravess' command and when on the Condor they began to suck the power out of the ship until Piper warned Stork of their nature. He then hid them in Pipers' room in her crystal shielder though they still blew up with little damage to the ship except Pipers' window.
  • Origins: Snipe gave one to a Cyclonian youth squad leader to attach to the Condor to destroy the ship but Aerrow got rid of it.


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