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A nervous, yet apparently more attentive Raptor, Leugey is often the first of the group to notice when something bad is going to happen, but only to be inevitably ignored until it's too late. Being the scapegoat of the group, he tends to be blamed for any failure, regardless whether he was responsible or not. Examples of his brainlessness are when he dumped a crate full for Fire Crystals into a volcano's core when he was instructed put them in one at a time, when he had his brothers fly above the treeline on Bogaton only to get shot down by their own anti-air defenses, and when he made a snowman and got beaten up by Repton. Leugey states that Repton is his brother.

Leugey's best useful was when he and Stork was in chase for Gravitron crystal.

Leugey managed to almost grab it only to Stork swallow it. It's resulted crystal activated, and stock Leugey and Stork together. In way to resolve the Gravitron crystal field Storm Hawks forced to take Leugey to Condor, and made him "Honorary Storm Hawk. Howewer Leugeuy's stupidness is compensated with enormous strenghth as he was able to defeat Sky Shark in moment. Leugey once was "in charge" of Cyclonia untill Master Cyclonis' return.


  • Leugey is voiced by Scott McNeil.


  • Likes — Chasing Stork
  • Dislikes — Being yelled at by Repton

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