Neck Deeps
Squadron Information
Terra/ShipTerra Aquanos
OccupationSky Knights

The Neck Deeps are the Sky Knight squadron of Terra Aquanos.


The squadron is led by Tritonn, a native Aquanosian who is referred to by other Sky Knights as a legend. However, Tritonn (and possibly the rest of his squadron) has fallen on hard times after a failed attempt to rid the skies of a monster called the Leviathan; not only were thirty men lost in the attempt, but the beast swallowed Tritonn's only brother, Horrace.

Following the battle, Tritonn apparently lost his courage and began spending his time drinking at the bar of the Sky Side Shanty. However, after the Storm Hawks demonstrate their determination to rescue Radarr and the Condor from the Leviathan, Tritonn decided to lend them his old ship, the Skyquod, and later led a number of the local sky-fishers to assist in the mission. As a result of their efforts, a method was devised to keep the Leviathan at bay, and Horrace and other survivors were rescued from the beast's mouth (having survived by eating schools of "cloud krill" swallowed by the monster).

This squadron is later seen at the end of "Sky's End", being the first Sky Knight squadron to help guard the baby dragons.

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