The Night Crawlers are an elite group of assassins under the direct command of Master Cyclonis.[1] Each member wears black armor and has similarly dark skin with purple eyes (except for the squad leader, who has red eyes). They wield wrist-mounted energy crossbows, are highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and are well-trained in the use of weapons-grade crystals. The Night Crawlers pilot special black bikes that transform into hang gliders when in flight mode, with the wheels acting as lifting propellers.

Despite being extremely dangerous, the Night Crawlers are sensitive to light, which weakens their armor. In darkness, however, their armor is strong enough to withstand a crystal-based explosion at point-blank range. In "Five Days", the Night Crawlers had apparently upgraded to have light-resistant armor, removing their former weakness. In "Cyclonia Rising", they are outfitted with crystal technology from the far side. The new equipment gives them energy shielding, much more powerful wrist-blasters, and a chest crystal which can unleash an energy snake to aid them in combat.

They have soft, low voices, much like that of Repton, except much quieter. They also have similar distortions in their voice as Master Cyclonis sometimes has. They are able to sense crystal power at a distance, and seem to be quite vicious.


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