Nitro Crystal
Crystal Information
PurposeSpeed Boost

A Nitro Crystal is a powerful crystal that gives a speed boost to the vehicle it is used with. The crystal can be used only once, and when activated will speed the vehicle up until the crystal runs out, like a Velocity Crystal. A Nitro crystal seems to be rarer and more powerful than a Velocity crystal however, and is prized for its qualities.


A Nitro Crystal has a glowing appearance, with a range of colors and shades. A bright white light glows from the crystal's main inside, deepening to a yellow around the base of the crystal and a bright blue further up. The top of the crystal is a dark green colour. The crystal is surrounded by various projections of dark green that taper into many points, and further swirling decoration covers the rest of the crystal.

Featured EpisodesEdit

  • The Lesson, is the only current episode to show a Nitro Crystal. It is used to defeat the Dark Ace by Aerrow by giving his Skimmer a speed boost.


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