The freed Oracle.

Biographical Information
StatusFreed, residing in the Forbidden City

The Oracle is a spirit-like creature that was imprisoned in a statue in Forbidden City's treasure chamber. She is capable of seeing the future, as seen from the vision which she gave to Aerrow during his investigation of treasure chamber.

Showing Aerrow the vision of a possible future, with the defeat of the Storm Hawks and slavery of his friends, the Oracle convinced Aerrow to release her in order for a "different path begin".

In The Key, the freed Oracle still resides in the Forbidden City, as Master Cyclonis summons the Oracle for answers of the key's whereabouts that would unlock a door to the Far Side of the Atmos. The Oracle refuses to give Cyclonis any information about the key. In response to her refusal, Cyclonis almost destroys the Oracle, but Aerrow and Piper interfere.

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