Hoerk, Leugey and Spitz cower under Repton's anger.

Raptors are lizard-like humanoids who inhabit Terra Bogaton. They are ruthless reptiles who also work as Pirates. They work for Master Cyclonis under the threat that she will destroy Bogaton if they do not comply. Terra Bogaton is ruled by Repton.

Physical appearanceEdit

Raptors are tall humanoids with three fingers and a thumb on each of their two hands, and three (or four) talon clad toes on each of their two feet, along with long tails. They vary in coloration, but are usually different hues of green and brown, with their chests and the undersides of their tails being yellow. They seem to possess the same type of nose as humans, despite their faces being shaped with snouts. They have no visible ears, much like their reptile counterparts. Raptors also possess triangular teeth and thin, forked tongues. They tend not to wear clothes on their upper torso, preferring simply to adorn their shoulders in spiked orange armour along with their simple cloth trousers, which usually only span from the hips to the knees, with holes in the back for their long tail to protrude freely. No female Raptors have been spotted yet, although they could be present without viewer knowledge, as reptiles do not possess mammary glands (breasts).


Raptors are ruled by Repton, known as possibly the most vicious and bitter Raptor of them all. Therefore, it can be assumed that Raptors are vicious by nature. They are pirates by part, and apparently will not turn their snouts up at the idea of eating human meat. Raptors are callous and murderous, if not a little gullible in their pursuit of prey. They do however seem to exhibit fear when it comes to Master Cyclonis. Some Raptors (Leugey in particular) seem less vicious, if not a bit stupid.


Raptors do not exhibit a certain culture. The only thing prominent within their race is a vicious, carnivorous streak in their personalities. Spikes, however, seem prominent enough in their armour, weapons, rides and home world, that they may be considered part of the Raptor culture.


Terradons are similar to the Raptors. They are lizard-like, although much smarter and smaller in size. They are peaceful with most other races and enslaved by their Raptor counterparts in order to do the Raptor's brainwork. They are responsible for Bogaton's defence system - which is the best in the entire Atmos.

Notable RaptorsEdit