Screaming queens
Screaming Queens
Squadron Information
Terra/ShipTerra Amazonia
OccupationSky Knights

The Screaming Queens are an all female Sky Knight squadron. They are first seen during the assault on Cyclonia in the Pilot Episode, where they and the rest of the Sky Knight forces present are defeated by the power of the very Aurora Stone they were seeking to reclaim. The Screaming Queens are seen in the episode "Velocity", preparing their ride for the Terra Saharr race. They later participated in the counterattack that repelled the Dark Ace and his invading Cyclonians. In The Lesson, they are defeated by an heavily empowered Repton.  

Their leader appears to have a rivalry with her counterpart in the Buff Buzzards, believing that she can "kick twice as much butt" as him.   

The Screaming Queens appear to be based off Amazonians and tribal warriors. They all wear furs and warpaint, with their skimmers also being painted in tribal markings. They have been seen wielding long, serrated energy swords, powered by blue crystals.     

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