Biographical Information
RideTalon Heli-blade Elite
SquadronCyclonian Talons
Relative(s)Ravess (Older Sister)
StatusBanished from Cyclonia

Snipe has been described as a gluttonous gung-ho slob who showers himself in opulence while his subjects slave away in abject poverty. Though Snipe’s flying skills lag behind those of his older sister Ravess, he makes up for it with brute strength in battle.

While he does not have Wallop strength, he can still make a decent fighter. But of course, while he would be the brute force of the Cyclonian Talons, he is, as always, least of all the brains of the team.

Snipe's weapon is a crystal-powered energy mace. Embedded in the iron ball are ten firebolt crystals, and the ball itself is attached to the handle by a retractable chain. Snipe's mace can fire deadly balls of energy in addition to its general capacity for smashing things.

Snipe pilots a Talon Heli-Blade Elite, a motorcycle-sized version of a Heliscooter. Snipe's Elite model is equipped with extra armor plating and several large blades attached to the nose. It also comes with a pair of rapid-fire, crystal-powered blasters, though Snipe doesn't make use of them. In 2 episodes, he had a specialized battle airship built, which was fitted with an excessive amount of weapons, making it nigh-impossible to attack. However, the ships crashed in the Wastelands to due a combination of sabotage by the Storm Hawks and Snipe's own incompetence.

Snipe is most likely deceased in the Wastelands after his banishment in the episode 49.

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