The Talons are Master Cyclonis' army of well-trained soldiers, though in a fashion typical of fodder villains they are inevitably defeated en-masse with seemingly little effort on the part of the heroes. They wield crystal-tipped stafes that fire energy blasts. They wear red goggles to cover their eyes and are often blond, though it varies to a degree.


Main article: Master Cyclonis

Master Cyclonis is ultimately the commander of the Cyclonian Talons, though she rarely commands them directly in battle.

Main article: Dark Ace

The Dark Ace appears to be the most authoritative of all Cyclonian officers and leaders.

Main article: Ravess

Ravess appears to posses a personal detachment of Talons, both for her musical practices and as a combat squadron.

Main article: Snipe

Snipe leads Talon forces the same way he fights: total aggression with no time for weakness or tactical understanding.



Main article: Talon Switchblade

The Talons commonly use standard Switchblades or Heli-Blades, neither of which sport the special enhancements of their squadron leaders. Rather than using hand-held weaponry in-flight, they use blasters mounted on their vehicles.


Main article: Cyclonian Destroyer

The Cyclonian Talons also have at least one model of carrier ship at their disposal: Cyclonian Destroyers. Somewhat resembling a giant beak in overall design, the Cyclonian Destroyer is a self-contained invasion force: its launch bays large enough for several dozen Talon Switchblades and at least one squadron of Talon Heli-Blades. It is propelled by six engines, each with a pair of thrusters on them, and is possessed of impressive shielding. During an engagement with The Condor, a destroyer crippled the Condor's shields without taking any damage. The ship is armed to the point that it can barely fly, among which are at least three triple-blaster sets and five massive cannons mounted on the bow. Although slow, its shields and weapons make up for that weakness.


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