Terra Bogaton
Terra Information
Aligned underFree Atmos, formerly Cyclonia
Defended byRaptors
ClimateDry Semi-arid
Distinguishing featuresEnergy Cannon Defense System

A dry, hot terra, covered in sparse trees and sweeping grasslands, Terra Bogaton is the home terra of Repton and his vicious band of Raptors. Repton has built a large, towing fortress on the terra that is guarded by an energy cannon defense system designed by a group of Terradon scientists.

Energy Cannon Defense SystemEdit

The energy cannon defense system is the most sophisticated in the Atmos, and ruled over by the Raptors. The system is made up of a complex network of energy cannons scattered around the terra that can detect anything larger than a fly that rises above the treeline and shoot it down with precise accuracy. This means ground travel is a necessity when within the terra borders. The system does also not distinguish between targets, so the Raptors themselves have to travel by ground. The Raptors' Bone Wing vehicles, however, are designed to work efficiently on the rough terrain, so the defense system does not heed their advantage on the terra as much as it does to other squadrons. The energy cannons were destroyed by Finn of the Storm Hawks when rescuing the Terradon scientists.[1]

Featured EpisodesEdit

  • Absolute Power, features the terra as the main setting for this episode. The Storm Hawks, along with Starling from the Interceptors, travel to Terra Bogaton to free the Terradon scientists that have been captured by the Raptors. As the Terradon scientists are freed and escape by balloon, Finn destroys the energy cannons that threaten their escape.