Terra Neon
Terra Information
Aligned underFree Atmos
Defended byUnknown
Distinguishing featuresAmusement Park

Terra Neon is a huge glittering terra that plays host to a popular amusement park that boasts over thirty-seven rollercoasters. The terra is extremely popular, with long queues for many rides, however, whenever the Storm Hawks appear on the terra it appears deserted. The terra is easily distinguished by it's bright lights and the almost perilous park rides that cover the terra ground.

Park RidesEdit

Among the many attractions that are on Terra Neon, a few have been specially featured during episodes.

  • Terra Neon
    • Theatre - Much of this episode took place at this location on the terra.
    • All-you-can-eat sky dogs - These are the Atmosian equivalent to hot dogs. This stall features in "Terra Neon" when Piper is searching for clues of the missing fun-seekers of the terra.
    • Candy Floss Stall - Finn and Junko use the candy floss from Terra Neon to fashion themselves exciting hairstyles.
  • The Lesson
    • Bumper Cars- Junko trained on these to practice evasion, which later helped him in his fight against Ravess.
    • "Test your strength"- Piper was able to defeat Snipe thanks to the physical strength she gained from this game.
    • Bucking Bronco- Stork effectively rode the bull without falling off, and was able to use these skills against Hoerk, Spitz and Lugey.
    • Shooting gallery- Finn practiced with this to work on his accuracy, and this lead to him defeating Repton.
    • Unnamed rollercoaster- Aerrow was able to compete with the Dark Ace's new speed, and was therefore able to beat him.
  • In "Energy Crisis"
    • Ferris Wheel- The Dark Ace destroyed this new ride during the episode "Energy Crisis", which Finn feels upset at this as he states he hasn't been on it yet.

Terra Neon also has sideshow tents, carnival games, "flame corn" and many other rollercoasters.

Featured EpisodesEdit

  • Terra Neon, where the Storm Hawks travel to Terra Neon for a holiday but discover that the terra is deserted. as the squadron explores, they find that the inhabitants are all being held in a large theatre where two sinister Producers are auditioning everyone to become the new star of their performance.
  • The Lesson, when Argyn reserved the terra for a day so that the Storm Hawks could train on the various amusements.
  • Energy Crisis, where the Storm Hawks follow a supercharged Dark Ace to the terra as he searches for energy to power his Suit of Untold Vengeance, and destroys much of the amusement park. After a failed attempt, the Storm Hawks stop the Dark Ace by getting him to use up all the energy in his suit.