Biographical Information
SpeciesHalf-man, half-fish
SquadronNeck Deeps
PositionSky Knight

Tritonn is the Leader of the half-man/half-fish race know as Aquanosians, and Sky Knight of the legendary Neck Deeps of Terra Aquanos. For years Tritonn has been combing the skies for the Leviathan, a monstrous creature he says wrecked his beloved ship and snatched away many of his faithful crew. He was reluctant to fight it again, as one of the victims was his only brother, Horrace. Aerrow's determination led to him lending the Storm Hawks his ship, the SkyQuod and later made him change his mind and come to the Storm Hawks aid, discovering to his joy his brother was alive.

Tritonn's next big appearence is in "Dark Waters", where he shows he and his squadron, despite being capable of getting to the surface on their own, are willing to stay in the underwater SkyQuod because they feel it would not be right to leave Domwick behind. The same episode shows that he seems to have recovered his confidence with his brother's return.

Gallery Edit


  • Tritonn is voiced by Scott McNeil.

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