Biographical Information
Terra/ShipTerra Gale
PositionResistance leader

Wren is the leader of the resistance of Terra Gale, the Rebel Ducks along with his granddaughter Dove, who we first meet when she is captured by the Dark Ace. He plays a large role in another episode, Atmos Most Wanted, when the Storm Hawks are framed for a number to thefts, including Terra Gales famous 'Cheese Stone'. He was last seen at the bit of the last episode of season two looking at his granddaughter while Starling was narrating.

Wren is a strange old man, who feels strongly about his Terra and it's people. He speaks with a strong French Canadian accent, and is shown to be good at setting boobytraps. One would imagine with his age and stature he isn't having Sky Fu battles with the Cyclonians so he has to fight them somehow.


  • Wren has a tendency to spit on his hand while shaking another or giving a gift to someone which Aerrow was shown to dislike.
  • Wren is remarkably similiar to René Artois from the 1980`s British sitcom " 'Allo 'Allo". Having the same uneven eyes and french accents. Wren is obssessed with 'the Resistance', while Rene was heavily involved in the british resistance.


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